About the logo of JALTAP

JALTAP’s Logo is designed by Dr. Hari Damle.
Its outer circle represents the world. The petals of lotus which represent India are interwoven to form the shape of an open book. The red spot represents the rising sun which is the symbol of Japan. Thus, the Logo as a whole symbolizes establishing cultural exchange and cooperation between India and Japan through Japanese Language Education.


Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Pune (JALTAP) was established in August 1993, for the promotion of Japanese Language and enhancement of teaching skills of our Japanese Language teachers.

Objectives of JALTAP

  • To provide a common platform for Japanese language teachers.
  • To help Japanese language teachers for updating their teaching methods with the latest teaching methodology and tools, by providing them training from Japanese language experts.
  • To improve quality of Japanese language teaching.
  • To guide Japanese language teachers from the places such as Nasik, Satara, Aurangabad and Nagpur, where students want to learn the language, but there are not sufficient teachers or facilities for learning the language.
  • To help teachers getting scholarships for ‘Teachers Training Programs’ at The Japan Foundation, Tokyo.
  • To try to standardize teaching of Japanese language.

This will ensure better training to the Japanese language learners. We are also going to provide guidance to the students regarding job opportunities and scholarships.